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will script still run if screen saver starts?

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I have a script that uses things like WinWaitActive, ControlCommand 'IsVisible' etc...

It will run when the computer is unmanned.

Will the screen saver stop these from working?

If so what would be a easy way to temporarly disable or stop the screen saver from kicking in while the AU3 script is running?

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The Kandie Man

No, a screensaver shouldn't disable this. The screensaver is just a program that masks the desktop and the windows shell. It doesn't actually stop anything from working.

-The Kandie Man

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If for some reason it does stop the script or you just don't want the screensaver to be active, just move the mouse a little bit every so often before the screensaver would activate

I.e. Every minute or so just move the mouse to a random point and back, or just a pixel or two off. Example:


Func MoveMouse()

$mouse = MouseGetPos()

MouseMove(0, 0)

MouseMove($mouse[0], $mouse[1])


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