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hey, im new here as u can see so firstly hello everybody :P

so far this app is ausome :D alot of functionality that others lack and the interfaces etc are good :)

i was wondering if you could please assit me in finding a good method to draw pixelsearch boxes.

as im new im lacking experience in these things so ill explain the best i can....

right. im trying to create a guildwars bot, using many examples from within this forum and such(very useful) for when im afk to go cruising around killing stuff.

but their are a few problems ive ran into.

im sure many of you probly dont play guildwars and so dont know the user interface so heres a little jpg

Posted Image

as you can see in the screen shot the enemy name is displayed at the top in white and some items their are also white.

so uppon a pixel search it will click on the enemy bar at the top and do nothing.. so i was wondering the best solution to "exclude" these zones from a pixel search, would i be right in thinking the only way is to create several pixel searches to "build" around those objects? or is their an easier/better way.

thanks in advance people :)

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