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Useing an .ini file

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I am trying to make it so that according to the ini file certan actions will happen

for example if I have this in the ini

2040 A 0.21 0 20 10

2041 B 0.25 1 20 10

2042 C 0.14 0 10 10

2043 D 0.62 0 30 10

... for 3000 more times...

how could I make it click based on the 4th colum then search for the second colum then paste something into the third colum?

(all the spaces are "tab's")

Im thinking...

If something then $1 if something else then $2

PixelGetColor(500, 500) <> 0 ; wait for page to load




send("...I dont know for this part...

MouseClick( "left", 142, 101, 2)



clipget() = and then i dont know again...

I would post the code for this just there well... isnt any to post...

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