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help with the Guild wars Health Retreve

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hey im trying to get some health code to work i found on this forum, the line giving me the problems is

$Coord = PixelSearch(311, 700, 512, 713, 0xD8121E)

$Status_Health_Dead = $Coord[0]& ", " & $Coord[1]

$Status_Health_Low = $Coord[0] + 47 & ", " & $Coord[1]

$Status_Health_Medium = $Coord[0] + 94 & ", " & $Coord[1]

$Status_Health_High = $Coord[0] + 141 & ", " & $Coord[1]

$Status_Health_Full = $Coord[0] + 188 & ", " & $Coord[1]

If Hex( PixelGetColor($Status_Health_Full), 6 ) = "D8121E" Then

;Full health - Run code here


i get "ERROR: PixelGetColor() [built-in] called with wrong number of args.

If Hex( PixelGetColor($Status_Health_Full)"

anyone know why?

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What do you think would happen in the following code ?

$string = "Because, believe it or not, you actually only give PixelSearch one single parameter."
MsgBox(64, "", $string)

Would $string just be a normal string and be displayed as a normal sentence, or would AutoIt error

out because you gave MsgBox 5 paramaters instead of 3 or 4 ? Run the script and then re-think your


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