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Guest smileguy186

Licensing Question...........

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Guest smileguy186

Please Don't Shoot me for Asking ;>

I volunteer about over 40 hours of my time providing free computer support,

so I do give back to the computer community ;>

But I would rather sell some of my paying customers a quick autoit script.

Now I'm writing everything in C++ and it would save me lots of time to just use this tool.

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As a special exception we grant the free usage of AutoIt compiled scripts, including commercial programs.

I gather from this that you can use AutoIt in and to design commercial programs. I also see no mention of keeping AutoIt scripts free, just that you must use an unmodified build of AutoIt to compile these binaries.

Just one small note if you wish to sell scripts: to prevent reverse engineering of your scripts, you will likely want to use the "no decompile" option so that it cannot eaisily be decompiled using AutoIt's decompiler.

[font="Optima"]"Standing in the rain, twisted and insane, we are holding onto nothing.Feeling every breath, holding no regrets, we're still looking out for something."[/font]Note: my projects are off-line until I can spend more time to make them compatable with syntax changes.

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