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my first project - bot(inc thanks to people)

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well, as my first project i probably should of chosen something simpler don't know how complex this is going to get, but im doing quite well i think lol.

i would already during the creation process like to thank : Mr. Llama, JoshDB and djomen, i found their example sources very useful and i will give you shouts in the credits when it is finished.

hopfully when it is finished it should be able to:

  • cruise around killing things,
  • knowing when its stuck on wall/item,
  • when it is being attacked,
  • have a customizable pause between spell casts.
  • allow the user to customize the pickups
  • allow the user to customize the "emergency heal"(for when health is below a certain point)
  • and whatever else i can thing will be useful.
here's the GUI so far

Posted Image

after im finished ill post it as an example so others can learn from it (if its any good that is!!!)

once again special thanks to those chaps for their examples :P


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum however it seemed i was unable to post in the examples bit

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