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UPS monitoring software

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Ok here it is after about two weeks of not so hard work :D

A little introduction.

For those of you who administer networks with a big ups hooked up to a Linux server.

You probably are familiar with the awesome piece of software called NUT daemon.

This is to monitor your ups , shut down the load when battery is low etc.

Check out http://www.networkupstools.org/ for some more details.

For Linux you also have a very good gui based client called knutclient that shows you all kinds of neat stuff about your UPS.

Check out http://www.alo.cz/knutclient/ for some info and screenshots.

As you can see my program is striving to be a clone of knutclient for windows.

As far as I know it is the first windows gui application of that kind so I hope people will

find it useful :P

The configuration is stored in ups.ini file that should be in script's directory.

I strongly suggest you edit it before running application to suite your network (UPS ip address , port used , ups name and the refresh rate between subsequent reads of information.

In order to install simply extract all files to a directory , edit the ups.ini accordingly and run the upsclientexe.

Source code is included inside for everybody to peek :D

I apologize for the lack of comments and the general mess.

I promise to make it nicer at some point of time in the future :)

Here are a few reservations for those who want to use it now.

First there is almost no error checking right now regarding tcp connection to the server running NUT daemon , so don't expect it to be nice if configuration is wrong or connection is lost /server is shutdown etc.

Second it was only tested with APC's Smart UPS that I have at home so I know that these values I display are actually supported.

This might not be the case for your UPS and I have no idea :) what will happen with the app in that case.

I hope to add some error checking and check what the UPS actually supports before displaying anything.

For now I am waiting for your suggestions , bug reports , etc.

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Great work, I don't have a UPS but your gui is outstanding!

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Ok that update didn't take long :P

Here is a list of what is fixed/added

Added :

Error checking for wrong ups name

Now if ups name is wrong the client will reset all the information .

All fields will be blank , leds will go gray and appropriate message will be written to message log.

The connection to server will be terminated since no information can be received anyway.

Error checking for lost connection to server.

Same as above except there is no need to disconnect from server :D

Error checking for ups variable not supported by the ups model.

The appropriate field wll be set blank and if it is represented by an analogue clock then

the clock will be reset to 0.


Reconnect actually works now.

If selected the client will disconnect and reconnect to NUT server.

If settings were altered in the middle the new connection is made with updated settings.

This way you can for example select a different ups defined in NUT server without having to restart the program.


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