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Yet another Packet topic

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I tried to avoid making a new topic but reading so many topics didn't get me the answer i was looking for.

My goal is to make something like WPE. The 1st thing i wanna make is sending 4 packets to a game server, after that maybe packet capture and other things.

My question is (since all the topic available made me more dizzy): is Auto-it capable to send packets to a game server (NOT ANOTHER AUTO-IT TCP SERVER !! ) ? With or without calling a dll ?

After the first look it should be preatty simple:

$ConnectedSocket = TCPConnect ($IPADDRESS, $PORT)

TCPSend ($ConnectedSocket, $Data)

Ex: i wanna send packet "C1 05 F3 7C C1" to IP: Port: 55903 (yes it's a MuOnline server). The values are taken from WPE PRO.

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