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A somewhat advanced copy from line question

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Hello, I am new to autoit still and I have been working hard trying to understand the copy logic.

I understand how line copy from txt works.

But here's my question

# Randomname/Randomname A 97.4 1.044 B 97.4 1.044 + 0.000 D/V

My goal is to copy only the middle of the line which is "B 97.4 1.044"

I have no clue on which function or logic to use to achieve that.

Can someone help me in guiding me for a direction that I could take in order to implement that please?

Or maybe provide some example code?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Check out the _StringBetween function in latest version (maybe in beta?).

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$var = StringMid("# Randomname/Randomname A 97.4 1.044 B 97.4 1.044 + 0.000 D/V", 37, 12)
MsgBox(0, "Extracted Text", $var)

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