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I appreciate that the major users of the forum are the few of you who are developing things however for the growing number of true "users" it is very confusing to keep running into things that pertain to the Beta releases.. like GUI..bugs..testing plans etc.. Its also confusing as to where to post problems or how to contribute UDF's that are developed for the released code or try to use UDF's that were developed and only work on Beta code.

How about setting up BETA forums separate from the V3 and V2 forums.

It would sure help.

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That Forum will make sense when there is a V3 GUI.. right now there is only a Beta Gui..see my point? Keep the Beta Stuff separate like V2 that way it won't matter if people don't use the right subforum because it will be in the right Major Forum. After there is a released GUI you will want this even more because without it the Released Gui notes will be mixed with the next Beta Gui Stuff. Let's fix this now.

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There are V3 Support requests in:

  • V3 Support
  • V3 GUI (Non-GUI support requests)
  • V3 Scripts and Scraps (A lot of support requests find there way here, even though the description should deter people... it doesn't.
V2 Support requests sometimes find their way to V3 Support.

Adding yet another forum is just yet another place for people to incorrectly post things.

And I saw a GUI support request today in the normal support forum.

Edit: Fixed typo and made addition.

Edited by Valik
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In forums such as these, with very laid back moderators, it doesn't make sense to have twice the number of areas than currently exist. I agree with Valik that this would just give people twice the number of places to post incorrectly and give us the added inconviencence of having twice the number of forums to check for new posts, and to cach up in.

I personally enjoy the laid back moderation that exists here (almost doesn't exist really) and think that it helps contribute to the quality of help that comes out of these forums. I wouldn't want it any other way, and having more strictly defined forums would require more work from the mods (Larry and Jon) who I'd rather leave to more important things, like coding improvements to AutoIt and helping clueless fools like me.

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" -Dante (Hicks)

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  • Administrators

I personally enjoy the laid back moderation that exists here (almost doesn't exist really)

You're banned.


I move the odd topic around if I see it is in the wrong place but that's about it as I'm not keen on acting as thought police. I spent time on the eve-online forums and that was throughly unpleasant due to the mods and that sort of thing leaves a lasting effect.

There is a huge warning in the sticky in the GUI forum but I'll rename the forum to include beta in the title for now.

Edited by Jon
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