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AutoHotKey offers a Last Found Window feature described as follows:

The "Last Found" Window


This is the window most recently found by IfWin[Not]Exist, IfWin[Not]Active, WinWait[Not]Active, or WinWait. It can make scripts easier to create and maintain since the WinTitle and WinText of the target window do not need to be repeated for every windowing command. In addition, scripts perform better because they don't need to search for the target window again after it's been found the first time.

The "last found" window can be used by all of the windowing commands except WinWait, WinActivateBottom, and GroupAdd. To use it, simply omit all four window parameters (WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, and ExcludeText).

Each thread retains its own value of the "last found" window, meaning that if the current thread is interrupted by another, when the original thread is resumed it will still have its original value of of the "last found" window, not that of the interrupting thread.


Do you have plans to incorporate this feature in AutoIt or are there reasons you will not consider it? I'd like to add some comparison info to the New User Orientation Guide I am attempting to develop... see separate post. Tks.

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I don't see why this is needed at all. If you want to use the same title and/or text, store them to a variable and change the variable if you wish to change the call. IMO it would also make scripts harder to follow since you would have to back trace potentially complex routine execution to discover what the title and/or text used by a "blank" call to one of these functions.

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Well I think I've answered my own question.. advanced mode supports handle, classname, active or last... much more powerful than autohotkeys..see help file .. Using AutoIt.. Windows Titles and Text (Advanced)

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