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Func makes log files


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Hello. This is my first function and thats why is only 9 lines long. I make it for me, but I believe your opinion and corrections make it better. If someone have another logfile system please show me :P. Here is the code with example:

$logfile=@ScriptDir & "\log-" & @YEAR & @MON & ".txt"

func _logs($event,$flag=1)
    if $flag=1 Then $flag = "INFO"
    if $flag=2 Then $flag = "WARNING"
    if $flag=3 Then $flag = "ERROR"
    $file = FileOpen($logfile,1)
    $timestamp = @MDAY & "." & @MON & "." & @YEAR &" "&@HOUR&":"&@MIN&":"&@SEC
    FileWriteLine($file,$timestamp & " - "& $flag & " - " & $event)

$del = FileDelete("somefile.txt")
if $del Then 
_logs("Del somefile.txt") 
_logs("Cannot del somefile.txt!",2)

I use this for my scripts coz I am not on the PC when the scrpts working, and I wont to know what happens with them in the next morning

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You could also use the built in function '_FileWriteLog' and add a wrapper for your 'INFO', 'WARNING' and 'ERROR' info.

Good start. Take a look in 'File.au3' and see how '_FileWriteLog' is written.

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