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autoit for webpages


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autoit is for windows GUI, it autoclicks stuff and automates processes

I am looking for a tool that does what autoit does, but for webpages

eg, I want to autoclick buttons/links/etc and generally automate web browsing

I want to automate the clicks I do repeatedly in some webpages

for example, to autoclick the link to go to my inbox when I login to yahoomail, and many more

there are many web automation tools but non is similar to autoit, in its effectiveness, ease of use, and flexibility

the best is javascript, but its hard to learn, in order to write simple scripts like "click this specific button"

do you know anything that will help?


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The IE UDF in autoit v.3.2 could help you there ( I think so , i've only used IE 2 times) But it can autoclick links by their text

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