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Website data storage - Database vs INI file?


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I'm running a small Abyss + AutoIt3 powered website, for a project of mine.

Users can make up to twenty (20) choices on my site.

I then need to store the users' choices.

Currently, I'm using one (1) INI file for data storage.

This INI file has a section for each user and each user's selections are written to keys in that section.

However, if multiple users access my site simultaneously, there is the possibility of data corruption in the INI file... correct?

I was wondering what my next step should be:

SQlite - looks scary - or INI file with some sort of mechanism to prevent data corruption?

Thanks for any advice.

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SQLlite is the best way to go. You then have a secure database that can be accessed by multiple people at once. It looks scary, but it simply is the best method for doing this. Using an ini file isn't secure, since anyone can then open the ini file if they know the url, unless you are storing it in a protected directory.

There are tons of SQLlite user created libraries on this forum. Search the Example Scripts forum. You should get a bunch. These libraries should make it quite easy for you since all you have to do is use the functions provided in the libraries to write and access the data.

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