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A small innovation in program updating


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Hey guys. I've been gone a long while, and I don't expect anyone to have noticed :P

Anyways, I've come up with this small script. It's simply an updater - With a small twist. The version of the client is stored in the .exe. The source and the four required images are included here:

http://joshdb.com/downloads/UpdaterExample/ make sure to maintain the same directory structure as shown here

You can download all the files individually (above) or just this, which holds the correct directory structure:


This may not be entirely practical (source could be cut down to 6~ lines with an .ini :">), but I still think it's neat, and it was a challenge.

Comments please!

Ha, I haven't been on these forums since... 2006, almost. Behold, my legacy signature:My AutoIt idol is Valuater. You know you love him, too.My Stuff: D&D AGoT Tools Suite
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