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check for includes

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Are we speaking AutoIt application here?

If we are then I think the short answer is no. The long answer is maybe, but you have to throw in a custom build script.

Could you give a more detailed explanation. Maybe the simplest possible usage sample you can think of?

EDIT: no and now just ain't the same. :P

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i'm working on an application with several modules that some user may not use. is it possible to check whether a certain file is included or not so that i can control the modules compiled into the application?



This should really be a non issue.

The main program should #include only files it needs.

Any files #included should start with the #include-once directive to prevent duplicate definitions, and #include any files it needs.

If you're creating modules with functions, break them up so that like functions (that are likely to be used together) are in the same modules.

I was going to suggest using If IsDeclared() to determine whether or not to define a function or veriable, but I suspect the compiler will balk at it, plus I don't really get the point. When compiled, AutoIt code is tiny and I can't imagine that having a few unused functions or variables defined would add much to the size of the final EXE, or time to the execution of the code.

Have you benchmarked either issue - size or execution speed - to warrant this?

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