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Ármányos Kő

Layers(1).Visible=FALSE works, but Layers(1).Visible=TRUE does not OK.

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I am trying to switch layer visibilities into TRUE mode in Illustrator.

Switching to FALSE is ok, and can be seen after each MSGBOX.

Autoitsetoption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)


$oIll = ObjGet("","Illustrator.Application")

$layers = $oIll.Documents(1).Layers.Count

For $i = 1 to $layers

$layervisi = $oIll.Documents(1).Layers($i).Visible



Case $layervisi = FALSE

$oIll.Documents(1).Layers($i).Visible = TRUE

Case $layervisi = TRUE

$oIll.Documents(1).Layers($i).Visible = FALSE ;This line just does not function.



$oIll.Documents(1).Layers(1).Visible = TRUE ;Tried this simple line, does nothing at all...

Outside the script it is possible to click and switch the layers into TRUE (switch on). The file has no lock, password, or whatever. I am logged in as admin.

What can be wrong??? :P

I have no idea, other then bug in Illy. :D


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