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Have we got anything like DDE support in Auto-it?

I want to send commands to a program, but i dont want to send it as keystrokes or anything like that.

Transaction Type: XTYP_POKE
Item: None
Data (Arguments): One line of text containing the command to be performed.

anything like this?


Sitting comfortably behind the code.

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Nothing right now that I am aware of, but it is an avenue of approach we could look at. Anybody know how to do this?

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If you google DDE, you get shedloads of results. The Delphi forums are probably what we need, as they provide examples in C. I have a VB version of a DDE manipulator, but i cant really get it to work. I suppose I can upload it.

Get back to me if you guys want more info, i can probably dig stuff.

Sitting comfortably behind the code.

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