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How can I automatically fill out forms


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I want to be able to automate the filling out of of form fields within applications.

You know when you install a new application and it asks you to put in your name, address etc ...

The formats all vary slightly from application to application. For example some ask for age others have 3 fields for address while some have two.

Are there any functions in autoit that allow me to locate fields within applications and fill them out. For example I could run down a list of 10 common details. Say number 1 search for first name if this field exists then put the value fred in it. number 2 look for middle name etc ...



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Try using the AutoIt Window Information Tool on each of the applications. There won't be one steadfast way of doing this for every application with one program, but you could do a program individually, try checking out the "WinZip Installation" tab in the AutoIt Beta help file.

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