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How to detect different windows


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I'm totally new to this kinda programming, and need to do this quite fast so sry if this post is similar with someone else, couldn't find any in my haste..

I'm gonna make a small and short script to install a few programs. First obsticle I met is when the installation program acts different according to if the program allready is installed. I used ScriptWriter to make it quick, and have recorded for both the different installasjon that pop up. Is there any way I can detect what window it gets and act according to it? Answer to this offcourse is yes but how :"> ? In the two different recordings both window names seems to be equal is there any other way I can tell the difference, any uniqe ID on the different windows that I can get from it?

Tnx in advance

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Try using the WinExists command. It needs the Title of the window and you can further discriminate windows with the same names by checking if there is different text in the window.

You can use the Au3Info.exe program in your AutoIt install directory to see information on windows.

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