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Does AutoIt track registered hotkeys?

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I am wondering if autoit tracks registered hotkeys? Basically I want to keep track of the hotkeys I set in my script. If autoit already does that then I will use the built-in functionality. If not then I shall keep track of it myself.

I don't understand,

Are you looking for @Hotkeypressed

when placed in a function that was called by a hotkey it returns the hotkey that was pressed.

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I am looking to see if there is a function that I could call that would return an array of set hotkeys like this:

HotKeySet("1", "Function1")

... code ...

HotKeySet("2", "Function2")

... code ...

HotKeySet("3", "Function3")

... code ...

$array[100][2] = GetSetHotKeys()

And $array would contain something like:

$array[0] = [3, 0]

$array[1] = ["1", "Function1"]

$array[2] = ["2", "Function2"]

$array[3] = ["3", "Function3"]

I could set up some functions to keep track of hotkeys but I was wondering if AutoIt already did so.

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