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Enumerating Processes - Revisited

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Jon, since you rejected the first enumeration method I submitted, I've decided to try a different approach.

Since PID's are now accepted in all the process functions, ProcessEnumerate() could return an array of every PID in the system. Then, in order to find the name, an additional function could be added which returns the name of a process based on its PID. Some example code might look like:

$pids = ProcessEnumerate()
For $i = 1 To $pids[0]
    If ProcessName($pids[$i]) = "notepad.exe" Then
       ; Do something

Would this be a better fit?

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Yeah, I like that.

Maybe a optional parameter for Enumerate too that can specifiy what is returned - names or pids.

And maybe a general conversion pid <-> name function. If the parameter is a number then assume pid and return name, if the parameter is a string then assume name and return pid. Or something?

I intend to do something similar for window titles too.

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