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save to => directory

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Hi folks.

first, please apologyse my english... I am french :P

send("http://webadress/grr/admin_save_mysql.php {ENTER}")


end("D:\save\COTTA\www\clgmanet\grr\saveauto\ {ENTER}") ;

If I try to save to a specified path, then the script delete the name of the file ("xxxx-date-xxx.sql").

I'd like the script to save into a specified path (D:\save\COTTA\www\clgmanet\grr\saveauto).

Someone has an idea ?

(french very welcome but I'll try to understand if it's in english) !

Thanks a lot.

Frédéric COTTA


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Hmm... Maybe this will work

Send("http://webadress/grr/admin_save_mysql.php {ENTER}")
Send("{home}D:\save\COTTA\www\clgmanet\grr\saveauto\ {ENTER}")

I would recommend you to use classnames instead of window names, and use these functions to get/set text:



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