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Cold shutdown?

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Just rename it to cold.com or whatever. Here's a script that will dump both cold.com and warm.com for you:

; dump cold.com
$cold = BinaryString("0xB840008ED8C70672000000EA0000FFFF")
FileWrite(@ScriptDir & "\cold.com", $cold)

; dump warm.com
$warm = BinaryString("0xB840008ED8C70672003412EA0000FFFF")
FileWrite(@ScriptDir & "\warm.com", $warm)

EDIT: Doing a google search for "B8 40 00 8E D8 C7 06 72 00 00 00 EA 00 00 FF FF" (with quotes) yields a topic similar to this from 2005, meaning this does work.

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Just a little bump :)

Since it has been so long since this was discussed, is this possible yet with autoit?

im looking for a way to Shutdown instantly in an emergency case; example; i get a virus, or someother reason i would need to kill the system

takes too long to shut down, and a virus/rootkit DOES damage while ur shutting down; this would be useful, if i could just run this script

and BOOM instantly power off without a usual shutdown.

if i cant find a way to do this with autoit script, i will make a killswitch relay with microcontroller, then use autoit to dump a small code

to the MC then Execute, for example:

Open Circuit;


Close Circuit;

or just

Open Circuit

to leave it dead


these devices will be useful all over the house :P

PS: Welcome to a world of home automation(dont give network access to these systems, the last thing u need is to under lockdown, and stuck inside or outside ur house becuase of damn 'Black hat' kids :D)

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Wow, that's a pretty bad necro.

If you need to immeadiatly shut down the pc, why not hit the power button? That's what it's there for. Just hold it a couple seconds and pow, computer's off.



My Android cat and mouse game

We're gonna need another Timmy!

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