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Battling Scripts?

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i was bored, and wondering if there would be a simple way to send a variable from one autoit script to another... so maybe they could compete with each other or somthing, like fighting programs...maybe a rock paper scissors sort of thing...


$var = Random(1, 3, 1)
;;; something that sends variable to other script
;;; something that receives variable from other script
If $var = $otherscriptvar Then MsgBox(0, "Result", "Tie")
;;; etc

1 = rock

2 = paper

3 = scissors


rock, paper, scissors would be just a start though... i was thinking of making somthing much more intricate, like receive $var then counter attack, etc...

any help is appreciated... : )

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A file/Registry to write to for both to read

Those are the 3 that just popped in my head.

i was thinking of using either a reg entry or an ini file...but i'm not so sure yet, haven't put much thought into it...

anyone who wants to try or to help is welcome to it... : )

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On the same comp? That would be, quite frankly, dumb.

Use TCP like SmOke_N said or upload ini's to a host with headers so clients can know which two users are talking to eachother.

I would frown upon a registry-infesting rock/paper/scissors game.

Ah well.

Ha, I haven't been on these forums since... 2006, almost. Behold, my legacy signature:My AutoIt idol is Valuater. You know you love him, too.My Stuff: D&D AGoT Tools Suite

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