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Im working ona script for grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I have the function and the hotkey set up so when i open the program, i can hit the hotkey and start the script. the script inputs whatever codes I typed in for a way of putting in cheat codes faster than i can type them.

this is what it looks like:


hotkeyset("{F1}", "start")

while 1



func start()

hotkeyset("{F1}", "start")






the "baguvix" and "fullclip" sends are the two codes i have in right now. I tested in notepad to make sure the text was sent, which it was. In the game however, i can see the character moving as if i were pressing the keys, but the codes never activate. any ideas on what i can do to fix that?

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I know nothing about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but I'd think you would probably have to hit enter or something before you could start typing.



is what I'd think you would actually have to do.

If you have to hit some combination like "ctrl-x" like in simcity then use



btw, "^" = ctrl, "!" = alt, "+" = shift

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well, as far as the game goes, it doesn't require an {enter} press, however, ill try it just for shits and giggles.

EDI: FIXED IT! the problem is that the game couldn't keep up with how fast the script was inputting keys. I added a delya after every key press and presto, cheat activated.

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BAH! now only works liek 10% of the time. ok so heres the criteria for the inputting of codes.

1) code is keypresses, there is no "chatbox" to input them in. More or less you enter game, type a few letters, and the code pops.

2) I've tried adding huge delays, delays even slower than a 5 year old with palsy would type, and that works maybe 10% of the time.... still open to suggestions.

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