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Input box question

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Hi everybody. I was wondering if someone could help me here. I am using the AutoBuilder 0.4.2 that CyberSlug created. This is a great tool as it is helping me learn the gui building process. I have one question though. If I made a script like:

;Script generated by AutoBuilder 0.4

Opt("GUICoordMode", 1)

Opt("GUINotifyMode", 1)

GuiCreate("MyGUI", 392,273,(@DesktopWidth-392)/2, (@DesktopHeight-273)/2 , 0x04CF0000)

$input_1 = GUISetControl("input", "Name", 10, 10, 150, 40)


While 1


$msg = GuiMsg(0)


Case $msg = -3


Case $msg = 0


Case $msg = $input_1

msgbox(0, "Your name", "You typed " & $input_1)




in the 4th line from the end it says that when someone types something into the input box and hits enter, I would like it to display what they typed. I know this sounds stupid to be able to do, but I was wondering how to go about doing it. When I type something and hit enter now, it says that I typed 1. (I am guessing that is the return code for me hitting enter from the input box....) How can I use what the user typed in and do something with it? I am looking at being able to have a box in a gui I have created to do macro's, start programs, etc. and I want to have one input box where the user can type something and when they hit enter, have it open google.com with their input as a search......

Any ideas?? Thank you all!

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use GuiRead($input_1) to retrieve the value of the control :ph34r:

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