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(Default) value in the registry... overwriting?

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$var = RegRead("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.tif", "(Default)")
MsgBox(4096, "Program used for TIF:", $var)

RegDelete("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.tif", "(Default)")
RegWrite("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.tif", "(Default)", "REG_SZ", "TIFImage.Document1")

I am guessing that you cannot delete the (Default). Is there a way to overwrite the default?

The code above will output an empty string via the MsgBox. Then when you look at the registry you will find that you know have two (Default) values. One with the original (Default) value and another with the newly written (Default).

I dont know of any other way... i think i may be at the bottom of the box on this one?

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Reading the help file is a wonderful way to find the answer to a question. Quoted directly from the documentation for RegRead or RegWrite:

It's apparently not in the stable help file. The functionality is there, however.

To access the (Default) value use "" (a blank string) for the valuename.

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