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Deathloop, please help

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Hey guys, I am new to AutoIt and I just put together my first script. One (major) problem with it though. What I am trying to do is make a script that installs FLAC for me for nLite. It works on its own, but when I compile it to the exe and then run the it, it starts reopening itself... hundreds of times. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

run ("flac113b.exe")

WinWaitActive("FLAC Installer v1.1.3b · 12/1/2006")

send ("{ENTER}") ;NeroBurningRom

WinWaitActive("FLAC Installer v1.1.3b · 12/1/2006: License Agreement")

send ("{ENTER}") ;LicenseAgreement

WinWaitActive("FLAC Installer v1.1.3b · 12/1/2006: Installation Options")

send("{TAB 3}")

send("{Enter}") ;InstallOptions

WinWaitActive("FLAC Installer v1.1.3b · 12/1/2006")


send("{TAB 1}")

send("{ENTER}") ;Installing

FileDelete (@DesktopDir & "\FLAC Frontend.lnk")

DirRemove (@ProgramsDir & "\FLAC", 1)

I probably need to space it out more...

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