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My Admin script

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This is the script I've written to make my life as an admin easier. It requires the unstable version of AutoIt since it uses GUI features and IIRC remote registry access.

Most of the dialogs are in german. I can translate them if needed.

You can get my scripts here.

As I'm using a lot of external programs and I'm too lazy to check if I'm allowed to put them in the zip, I've added the links to these programs here:

Currently I'm using netview to get the list of computers.

Usrmgr und Srvmgr come from Microsoft and belong to Windows NT4. If you don't have any Windows NT4 Domains you can simply skip these.

AutoIt3... well, I guess you know where to get this one :ph34r:

vncvwr is another AutoIt script written by me. I've already posted this somewhere in the scripts & scraps forum.

psexec and psshutdown are available from Sysinternals.

sed.exe is the version I got from UnxUtils.

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