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Countdown from specific date?

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Hi, its me again :ph34r:

I'm making a inventory program, and everything is working just fine.

Now i have just added the GUI "Date", so i can add when we purshased a device.

But next to the date, i would like to have a countdown from 3 years, so we can see quickly how long the user will keep their device.

I got one interface were i can edit, the inventory, and one view interface.

When i'm using the edit, i get a GUI "Date" after each device.

Now i wanna see a # of days left on the view.

This is from my .ini file:

Date=den 31 juli 2004

Is there anyway i can get a number count from that day 3 years forward?

And then countdown it for eachday?

Were ever i lay my script is my home...

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I wish it was that easy :ph34r:

Since i'm using Jan, Feb etc... It can´t be calculated that easy,

i first need to change to make a code for how many days its in Jan, Feb

Well and alot of other code, this is to complicated :(

I drop this question...

Were ever i lay my script is my home...

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I have developed a bunch of date functions back in february to be included in the standard UDF library that is being compiled ... I believe they are still supposed to be published soon together with the new AutoIt3 release.

Here is a preview/beta version of these date functions in a file called http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/jdeb/test/datenew.au3.

It includes a _DateDiff function which does what you need:

#include <datenew.au3>
msgbox(0,'test',_datediff('d',"2004/12/31", "2005/01/01"))

Let me know when you find bugs or issues with it.

this is the list of extra function on top of the current DATE.AU3:

; _DateAdd, _DateDiff, _DateToDayValue, _DayValueToDate

; _FormatDateTime, _DayOfWeek, _DateIsValid

; _SplitDateTime, _Now(), _NowTime(), _NowDate(),_DaysInMonth()

; _DaysOfWeek(), Nowcalc(), _JulianDayNo(), _JulianToDate($iJDay)

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Dream of the future,
Learn from the past.

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