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Checked status of a date control


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Look at Auto3Lib from PaulIA

_DTP_SetSystemTime($hWnd, $rSystemTime, $iFlag=0)

; Description ..: Sets the currently selected date and time
; Parameters ...: $hWnd         - Handle to control
;                 $rSystemTime  - SYSTEMTIME structure
;                 $iFlag        - Value specifying the action that should be  performed.   This  value
;                   must be set to one of the following:
;                   GDT_VALID - Set the control according  to  the  data  within  the  structure  that
;                     $rSystenTime points to.
;                   GDT_NONE  - Set the control to "no date" and clear its check box.   When this flag
;                     is specified, $rSystemTime is ignored.   This flag applies only to DTP  controls
;                     that are set to the DTS_SHOWNONE style.
; Return values : True on success, otherwise False
; Author .......: Paul Campbell (PaulIA)
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