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AutoIT with VBApplication


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Hi Team,

I have three questions...can you help me out?

1. I am trying out some data entry job that gets data from excel file inserts them to VB application and extracts to another excel file?

Is this possible?

2. Is possible to make the application automated if autoIT window can't find the tagname?

3. Before all these... I am just trying to enter some data to the VB application through AUTOIT.

Run("C:\Documents and Settings\RaamKum\My Documents")


ControlSetText("VBForm", "txtField", "TextBox5", "Raam" )

ControlSetText("VBForm", "", "TextBox6", "Kumar" )

ControlSetText("VBForm", "", "TextBox7", "S" )

but this doesn't do anything except the application is opened...

I tried the same script with simple application that has three text box and the applications enters what ever is given in the script but when I try same with the VBapplication it is not?

Can you please let me know what is wrong with above script when trying with VBapplication?

Awaiting your response!


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