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Getting text from nested frames(?)

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Hello all,

I haven't been using Autoit for a while but I had some fun with it before.

Now I got lazy again and I wanted to make script that copies/pastes a HTML content to some file for me... or at least copy to the clipboard. But there's a problem - my script fails to return contents of the page.

The site I'm trying to get contents from is o-game.co.kr. This is Korean version of O-game.

The page source, when viewed, is like this

<frameset rows="*,0" frameborder="no" border="0" framespacing="0">
            <frame name="mainframe" src="/index.php?frameset=1" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" noresize>
            <frame name="trk" src="http://analytics.gameforge.de/cp.php?game=ogame&action=visit&gr=&lang=kr&kid=" frameborder="0" noresize>

But the actual contents being shown aren't like that.

Some sample of the contents I need to retreive are:











0:02:03 함대 함대가 행성 Kampchaka [4:452:1]에서 행성 LeGranBleu [4:452:3] 로 도착합니다. 미션: 공격.

0:02:15 함대 함대가 행성 Kampchaka [4:452:1]에서 행성 AquaMarine[4:456:2] 로 도착합니다. 미션: 공격.

I tried _IEFrameGetCollection and _IEDocReadHTML to get contents of frames but it doesn't return much...

Can anyone give me some kind of direction or tips?

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