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I love the new version of autoit but I have one question for you.

I'm trying to install a program. When I come to the install path I want to modify this. So I click the browse button, this is bringing up a window where I can choose a path. The control Static2 shows as hidden in autoit spy.

So I'm sending the ControlShow command and afterwards the control is no longer hidden according to the spy. Then I'm trying to use ControlSend like I do in many other install scripts that I've created but that is not working and I can't find anything wrong there. Is this not working because the initial control is hidden. Is there a way to send data to this control ??

It works with the normal Send command, because the control is active when I enter the window, but I want to be sure that I'm sending it to the right control.

Hope that it is clear.

Thanks very much.

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Hm... not sure about ControlSend, but the browse dialog must have a title...

While WinActive("browse dialog name")
Send("What it was you wanted")

This is untested, and probably wrong, but i think it should work (in theory). Whilst the window is active, send the code.

Sitting comfortably behind the code.

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