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arraysort blanks out multi dim arrays

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I am trying to compare prices, along with other data, and simply list them in lowest price to highest price. I did see the listview control mentioned by someone else. In fact, in another forum, they gave the correct syntax that does not appear to be in the help screen.

At any rate, unless the Ubound is a even number and not an odd number, _ArraySort appears to work. No matter how I changed the parameters, _ArraySort blanks out the array.

#include <array.au3>

Dim $price[$max][$max]

Dim $Products[$max]

;load prices from database using a text file

; the prices do load cause I used a While loop to display the prices after the load and after sort

; Another PS DisplayArray function is no longer available in 1.7.1

$num = Int($num)

_ArraySort($price, 0, 0, 0, UBound($price, 1), 2)

; these parameters are the only ones that do not throw an error. I tried UBound($price, 2), etc

; it gives me a division error, the array must be an even number. To get the correct number, of 155,

; throws a division error.

; price{1][$loopnumber] = the record number. so I can arraign $price with the correct array entry

; for $Products

; When I try to find the record number, the array price[1][$loopnumber], $price[0][$loopnumber] is blank

; I will try the list view option next.


Is there ANY error checking in this compiler? There is no list of error codes. There seems to be no Try Catch or ON ERROR.

Am I using the BETA version?

Thanks for any answers you may provide



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