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Inputbox & AND showing a table completly lined


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Hi to you all folks,

I want to show a table lined as follow in the function InputBox.

Value1.1 - Value 1.2 - Value 1.3

Value2.1 - Value 2.2 - Value 2.3

Value3.1 - Value 3.2 - Value 3.3

The var's value are different from size so i can't depend on that.

But because the text shown inside the InputBox function is of the type TrueType I can't line the text just by simply adding " ".

Is there any other way i can handle this ?

Thnx for the help

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Well what i want is to create a completly lined table inside the InputBox function.

But because the inputbox function uses TrueType fonts (most probably standard windows setting) I can't pin point how to line out the table of multiple strings.

Is there an other way how i can do this ?

I hope my info clarifies what i want :-D

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