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Why does this not work correctly?

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I made a Script that is supposed to put stuff into the clipboard on a specified Hotkey.

The strings that will be put into the clip will be defined by the user. The Hotkeys will be ctrl f1 - f8

When I run the script and press ctrl + f8 and then press ctrl + v it pastes "5" or something.

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Enter the Text you wish to set on the Hotkeys CTRL + F1 ~ F8",  20, 3)
$msg_f1 = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "Your Message for CTRL + F1.", 20, 1*$y_dist,  350, 20)
$msg_f2 = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "Your Message for CTRL + F2.", 20, 2*$y_dist,  350, 20)
$msg_f3 = GUICtrlCreateInput ( "Your Message for CTRL + F3.", 20, 3*$y_dist,  350, 20)
$Button_Go = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Go!",  20, 9*$y_dist, 350)

; Programme

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
        Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
        Case $msg = $Button_Go
        ; Funcs
            HotKeySet("^{F1}", "setF1")
            Func setF1()
                ClipPut ($msg_f1)

            HotKeySet("^{F2}", "setF2")
            Func setF2()
                ClipPut ($msg_f2)

            HotKeySet("^{F3}", "setF3")
            Func setF3()
                ClipPut ($msg_f3)



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Read in the helpfile what's said about the return value of GUICtrlCreateInput... Also, read the first line under remarks.

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Btw...in your script, do you actually have those functions in the loop ? If so, then I suggest you move them to

the end of your script.

EDIT : Last thing...in your next topics, please find a more fitting topic-title. After three years of topics in a

support- forum you would think there's been a few people who's had problem getting "something" working

correctly before...

Edited by Helge

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