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WinList Problem

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I keep getting this error when trying to use the WinList "count of windows found" to determine the size of an array. The language reference says $g_Window[0][0] is a count of the amount of windows found. Which does seem true when using it in a For loop, but when used for an array it gives me an error:

C:\WoW Roamer\v0.2\explorer.au3 (36) : ==> Array variable subscript badly formatted.:

Dim $g_Account[$g_Window[0][0]][9]

Dim $g_Account[^ ERROR

Global $g_Window = WinList("classname=GxWindowClassD3d")

Dim $g_Account[$g_Window[0][0]][9]

For $i = 0 To $g_Window[0][0]
    $g_Account[$i][0] = $g_Window[$i][1]

I tried replacing $g_Window[0][0] with $g_Count, and $g_Count = $g_Window[0][0]. But no go there. :P

Can anyone help?


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I'm tired, so maybe I'm not getting it. But, are you just trying to copy the array to a new $var?

If so, do this, otherwise, disregard. :P

$g_Window = WinList("classname=GxWindowClassD3d")

$g_Account = $g_Window
I could do that, but you'll notice I switched the 1 in $g_Window for the 0 in $g_Account. Anyway, I don't want to do that because I might want to make $g_Account 3 dimensions later, and $g_Window is 2 dimensions. So I'm just copying over part of the data. I don't need all of the $g_Window, just part of it.

I just want to why it's giving that error? Nothing's wrong from what I can see, except it complaining.

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No error with: Dim $g_Account[$g_Window[0][0]+1][9]

Oh, right, thanks, sorry, I forgot theres actually no windows for WinList to pull because I'm not on my computer, so that probably doesn't exist. Should be 0, but I guess it's undefined.

There's still an error though, and I don't think this one exceeds array bounds:

Global $g_Account[1][5]

For $id = 0 To UBOUND($g_Account)
    $g_Account[$id][0] = "Test";
    $g_Account[$id][1] = "Halted"; status
    $g_Account[$id][2] = FALSE; run state

C:\WoWRoamer\v0.2\explorer.au3 (38) : ==> Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.:

$g_Account[$id][0] = "Test"


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