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How to run a script as XP current user and not as NetworkService ?

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I want to schedule an Autoit exe file launch.

So I used the "at" dos command line to execute my program :

c:\> at  16:13   /interactive /next:    28   D:\myfile.exe

But the problem is that myfile.exe is launched with the SYSTEM (NetworkService) user context.

Thus loosing my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles.

I searched on this forum and tried the RunAsSet command, without success.

Do you know how to :

  • either set the user environnement (Unix-like "su -") to my current logged-in username ?
  • or either easily schedule myfile.exe ?
Thanks a lot for your help !

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  • or either easily schedule myfile.exe ?

What about using the Scheduled Tasks wizard? Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks.

A few screens in you'll get a prompt for user/login name, if you want to specify one.

It's not as handy as the command line, but it works.


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use the system environnement variables to get the current username

then pass the credentials with runas

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