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Renaming file according to an Excel column

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I have an interface that saves file automatically as test.xls... now I would like to rename this saved file according to the value entered in the text field in the interface. Is this possible?

i.e ...

AutoIT does this till now

1. open the VB interface

1. There are text fields. for eg: Name, age, place.. Enter this data in the text field say Name: abc, age: whatever, place: whatever

2. Save button is clicked in the interface - file gets saved as test.xls automatically in particular folder

what I want to do:

3. now I would like to get this saved file (test.xls) from the folder and save it or rename it according to the text field entered, i.e.. AutoIT entered "abc" in name field so it should get test.xls and save it as abc.xls... is this possible?

If so, how do I go about doing it?

PS: I want to do it like this because I don't want to re-write the code in the VB interface. Can AutoIT do this for me?

Awaiting your response!


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try something like this

$var = inputbox( "", "What is the Input", "", " M"); the name to change to 
Filemove( "c:\test.xsl", "C:\" & $var & ".xsl")
Thanks... this works really fine!!

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