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Amp Music Beta Version 1.0.4


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After a few weeks of working on thi i am ready to release the beta version.

Version 1.7.2 Beta Comming Next Week

Version 1.0 Final Comming in spring

Version 1.0 Final Features:

  • Burn Disk Feature
  • All volume and play/pause features working
  • New Updater
  • Installer
Latest Updates:

Version 1.9.6

Burn Disk feature is being worked on

Version 1.9.0

User Interface completed

Version 1.8.9

Major Bug Fixed

Version 1.5.2

Play/pause fully working

Version 1.1.7

Play Feature Works

Version 1.0.7

Splash image added

bug fixed

Version 1.0.6

New User Interface

Version 1.0.5

Removed Images

Version 1.0.4

Got the cd reading to work

Version 1.0.3

Got the list in and the volume in.

Got the rest of the images on.

Version 1.0.2

Got the play/pause button to fully and susessfully change the image

Version 1.0.1

Got the play button to change the image


  • Make the play and pause actuily play and pause
  • Make the CD deteted and NO Cd feature work
  • Make the volume actuly set
  • Fix bugs
The ZIP File is attached


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Um looks good , needs an exit button :P and uhmmm I don't understand how to play my music does it only work for CD's cuz it says CD Detected and i didn't have one in xD

EDIT: HHAHAHAH did not read the TO DO lol well the GUI looks good :D some flickering but it looks nice

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  • 2 weeks later...

Got it working! Should have the new, better version up by tommarow.

It will include:

New Updator

May actuily play the music (Not Sure Yet)

The volume will actuily set

CD Detected and no CD detected will work

Version 2.0.0 will hopefully include:

Fully Functinal song selection

Burn Disk feature


[center]Kesne's Bar & Grill[/center]

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