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6to4 tunnel broker

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Hello! I have made a script that creates 6to4 tunnel. Script is based on command given by http://6to4.version6.net/?lang=en_GB site.

I hope it will be useful for someone. Any comments, additions or fixes are most welcome.

Thanks Sugi for the code and also any other contributor that I don't know of.


; Program Name:  6to4 tunnel broker v 2.0
; Enviroment:     Windows operating system
; Description:    Program will make 6to4 ipv6 tunnel
; Requirement(s):   AutoIT v3.2.2.0
; Return Value(s):  None
; Author(s):        Cancer
; Date:         29.12.2006
; Authors comment:  http://6to4.version6.net/?lang=en_GB
#include <Inet.au3>

TrayTip("Checking IPv6 tunnel", "one moment...", 1,1)
$ping6 = RunWait("ping6 2001:ad0::1","", @SW_HIDE) ; If ping works, then tunnel is up

$msg = 0
If $msg = $ping6 Then
   TrayTip("Status","IPv6 tunnel is already Online", 1,1)
   TrayTip("Status","Creating IPv6 tunnel", 1,1)

$IP = StringSplit(_GetIP(), "."); Get IP and split it at "." points
$stringIP = StringFormat("%03d%03d%03d%03d", $IP[1], $IP[2], $IP[3], $IP[4]); Joins splited IP parts and fills in missing 0 (zeros) so string lenght would be 12

   $a = StringLeft($stringIP, 4)
   $b = StringMid($stringIP, 5, 4)
   $c = StringRight($stringIP, 4)

$stringHex = StringFormat("%8x", ($IP[1] * 2^24) + ($IP[2] * 2^16) + ($IP[3] * 2^8) + $IP[4]); First this will convert IP address to decimals and then to Hex. Thanks Sugi

   $d = StringLeft($stringHex, 4)
   $e = StringMid($stringHex, 5, 4)

RunWait("ipv6 rtu 2002::/16 2","", @SW_HIDE); IPv6 Helper service enables routing
RunWait("ipv6 adu 2/2002:"&StringFormat("%04s:%04s", $d, $e)&"::"& StringFormat("%04d:%04d:%04d", $a, $b, $c),"", @SW_HIDE); Adds unicast address assignment
RunWait("ipv6 rtu ::/0 2/::","", @SW_HIDE); Route is added to routing table

RunWait("netsh interface ipv6 6to4 set relay","", @SW_HIDE);  Tunnel to 6to4 gateway is created


$ping6 = RunWait("ping6 2001:ad0::1","", @SW_HIDE)

If $msg = $ping6 Then
   TrayTip("Status","IPv6 tunnel is now Online", 1,1)
   TrayTip("Error","IPv6 tunnel is still Offline", 1,1)
Edited by Cancer

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