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Creating COM objects without a need of DLL's


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Indead Martin is correct !

The script got corrupted while posting into the forum.

I will try to fix it.

: ------------------------

NO GO, when trying to fix it is messes up all the rest if the post. I seem to have to a lot lately since the last forum updates I can correct previous posts.

So the first character should be a "<"



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Can You show how to write this Xml part

 <property name="Principle_Amount" internalname="iNum1"/>
 <property name="Interest" internalname="iNum2"/>
 <property name="Per_Payments" internalname="iNum3"/>

<method name="LoanAmortization">
 <PARAMETER name="iValue1"/>
 <PARAMETER name="iValue2"/>
 <PARAMETER name="iValue3"/>

<method name="Amortization">

reference Vbscript 
having problem as it contain Class

Class Computer
   Private ComName
   Public Property Let ComputerType(CName)
      ComName = CName
   End Property
   Public Property Get ComputerType()
      ComputerType = ComName
   End Property
End Class


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Creating a COM object using WSC is long time end of life unfurtunatly. 

Not even sure if it will work on a Windows 10 OS ?

But if you do decide to prceeed with this ancient technique best start here ...


And replace the PERL script with VBScript.



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