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You can use a couple of undocumented features of the password field of the InputBox to do some of this. I have to get around to updating those docs. :ph34r:

Use a space as the first character of the password. This way you can still see the characters that you type.

The second character can be an M to indicate that input is Manditory; you must enter something. Nothing will happen if you press Ok when there is nothing in the inputbox. It will not close and return the value.

You can also add the length of the string to be accepted. It will stop accepting characters when that number have been entered.

For example:

$x=InputBox("Title", "Prompt", "", " M2")

This will require input (no empty strings accepted) and have a maximum length of 2.

$pwd = InputBox("Login", "Enter your 6 character password.", "", "*6")

This will display stars (*) for each character entered, but will let you press Ok with a blank inputbox, but you can enter no more than 6 characters.

As for checking if the input is a alphabetic character, use StringIsAlpha to test.

    $x = InputBox("Testing", "Prompt", " M1")
Until StringIsAlpha($x)

Edit: Fix typos.

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