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Shortcut opens autoit script, then calls a file


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Hi All,

I think I have an easy question that I have not been able to find an answer to. We have a program (VisualCadd) that when opened, needs several commands run. I have compiled the script for this and it works well. I switched the shortcut to the normal executable (vcadd5.exe) to call my autoit script. My script opens the VisualCadd program and runs the commands.

The problem I have is when a user clicks directly on a .vcd file (VisualCadd file extension). The file will open in VisualCadd, but my script does not run and therefore the settings in the VisualCadd program are incorrect.

I want to have all .vcd files associated with my program. Then when the users run a .vcd file, it will call my program, open VisualCadd, open their file, and run the commands to fix the zoom. I need help getting the filename that the user clicks. If I can get this, I can open the files in VisualCadd and then run my program to fix the VisualCadd settings.

My code is very simple for opening the VisualCadd program:

$vcaddfile = '"' & @ProgramFilesDir & '\TriTools Partners\Visual CADD 5\Programs\vcadd5.exe" '

run ($vcaddfile)






$verpos = @DesktopWidth /2

$horpos = @DesktopHeight /2


Thanks in advance

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Well, in that case you need to edit the registry settings for the filetype.

Hi, Yes, I already edited the registry settings for the filetype. I can click on a .vcd file and call my autoit executable. The problem is that I don't know how to code into my autoit executable to get the filename that called it.

i.e. if a user clicks their file "c:\saved files\my file.vcd", it will call my autoit program, the vcd filetype points to my program. How do I have my program then open their "my file.vcd" given that the name "my file.vcd" will change depending on the user. I need to have the program grab the filename that called it.


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