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Light Effects and Transparencies vs PixelGetColor


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Any way to get around things like Lighting Effects and Transparencies??

basically trying to scan a pixel for a color but things like light effects and transparencies are getting in the way, cause the color to change slightly, causing my functions to return false when comparing...

basically trying to create some functions for the game 'Eve Online', but the light effects and transparencies [even with opaques set to full some things are still slightly transparent] are getting in the way of color scanners --

as well i noticed sometimes a pixel will return a funky off color that the human eye may not notice, like a pixel scan recorder i made records same pixel over and over again, every now and again will return a 000000 or some other color, when in actuality its a white pixel... is this sort of an "anti-pixel scan" trick to prevent Macros?

any help appreciated, Thanx

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