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_ButtonHover() UDF

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Why do you have an extra parameter in your code above?

The 'tag' parameter is prepended to the name of the button image. All images must be in the same directory. So for two styles...

$Button1 = __HoverButton("text", "left", "top", "width", "height", "style1_", "color")
$Button2 = __HoverButton("text", "left", "top", "width", "height", "style2_", "color")

Then you must have images in your skin directory -

style1_Normal.bmp, style1_Over.bmp, style1_Pressed.bmp
style2_Normal.bmp, style2_Over.bmp, style2_Pressed.bmp
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Interesting small function.
In my poor opinion, _HoverButton function should return the array with both controls instead of returning only the control id of the pic so both controls can be used since there is a label and a pic.
This way you can get the text of the "button", modify it and many more things.

I also removed the _CheckHoverAndPressed in the while loop and made it work similarly with less cpu usage.

Thanks for the function.


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Hi Valuater,

First of all thanks for theses nices UDFs.

I have an issue c oncerning the __ButtonHoverTag.au3 one. 

When I use it, when I click on a button, the associated "click on" event is not executed both on "OnEvent" Mode or "Classic" mode. The __HoverButton function doesn't seem to return a value?

Thanks in advance for any help


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