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I want to do some backups and I want to be abale to make the folder for the backup and where I can put the backup folder could someone show me how to use the open folder and save it to the script .

FileCopy (@WindowsDir & "\*.dll", "E:\backups\dlls", 1)

I have that hard coded in but would like to pick the folder and make it for the backup .

Thanks if you can help . sorry if this is a dumb question but i don't understand a lot of this .. :ph34r:

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Not sure how to do that ?

In the help file it shows the switches at the end you can use to allow a file that does not exist to be written in

after doing that use dircreate to make it a folder instead.

This way if the folder already exists the user will select it and direcreate will have no effect


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bobheart, what about this?

GUICreate("BUP", 320, 280)
$label1 = GuiSetControl("label", "",  10, 10, 300, 20, 0x1000)
$choose = GUISetControl ("button", "Choose Folder", 10,40,100,20)
$md = GUISetControl ("button", "Make Folder", 10,60,100,20)

While GUIMsg() <> -3
$msg = GuiRead()

Case $msg = $choose
$backup_path = FileSelectFolder("Choose Backup Dir", "", 0)
GuiWrite($label1,0,"Backuppath: " & $backup_path)

Case $msg = $md
$new_folder_name = InputBox("New Folder", "Enter new Foldername:")
$where_to_put = FileSelectFolder("Where to create new Folder?", "", 0)
$ret = DirCreate($where_to_put & "\" & $new_folder_name)
If $ret = 1 Then
$backup_path = $where_to_put & "\" & $new_folder_name
GuiWrite($label1,0,"Backuppath: " & $backup_path)
MsgBox(0, "!!!", "Error!")


Just an example. No errorhandling.


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