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Game: http://hockey.tk/ ---> Play Hockey . It's finnish tactical icehockey game.. Test it...

Game technology

* The game server with good network connectivity. The server software was written in C language (compiler: GCC)

* web interface developed with my own CWS dynamic content development system which combines the flexibility of JSP- and ASP-like tags with the power and sophisticated features of C++, supports FastCGI

* MySQL database

* A piece of middleware written in Perl, working as the glue between the game server and the database

* The game Applet written in Java, developed with J2SE1.4.2

I want aim(bot) this game, every shoot the puck goal's pillar via goal..

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Did you not learn from your previous topic ? We're not gonna make a script for some random guy on the

internet so he can use it to cheat in a game, especially when he haven't bothered to invest some time in

it himself ! Do you expect people to line up and be ready to serve you ? The world doesn't work like that

and it doesn't work like that on the internet either.

Stop cheating, think for yourself or get lost ! Preferably all. *click*

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